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Firstly, let us discuss ECG Machine i.e. what is an electrocardiogram machine? Why it is used? What are its different models? Here are a few points on the electrocardiogram equipment discussed below:

What Is An ECG Machine And Why It Is Used?

ECG machine performs an ECG test, An Electrocardiogram is a test that checks electrical activity or rhythm of the heart. There are sensors attached to the skin that detects the electrical signals produced by heart when it beats.

These signals are recorded by a machine and are analysed by a specialist to check whether they're normal or irregular. An Electrocardiogram test might be checked by a heart expert (cardiologist) or any specialist who figures you may have an issue with your heart.

When There Is A Need For electrocardiogram Test?

There are certain health conditions when doctors prescribe for this test. Some health conditions include shortness of breath, dizziness or palpitations

  • Cardiomyopathy:when the heart wall becomes enlarged or thickened.
  • Heart Attack:In this condition blood supply to the heart is blocked.
  • Coronary heart disease:
  • Arrhythmias:It is a condition when the heart beats irregularly, too fast or too slow.

A progression of electrocardiograms can likewise be recorded from time to time to screen an individual previously determined to have a heart disorder or taking any medicine known to possibly affect the heart.

What Is The Process Of Electrocardiogram?

There are a few distinct ways above test can be performed. For the most part, the test includes appending various little, sticky sensors called cathodes to legs, chest, and arms. These are associated with wires to an electrocardiogram recording machine. You don't have to prepare to get ready for the test. You can eat and drink as usual. Before the cathodes are appended, you'll, for the most part, need to take off your upper wear, and your chest may be shaved or cleaned. When the terminals are set up, you might be offered an emergency clinic outfit to cover yourself.

Types of electrocardiogram test

Normally there are three types of tests which include:

  • An ambulatory test: In this type of test electrodes are attached to the portable machine worn at the patient's waist so that the heart’s movement can be monitored for one or more days
  • Exercise or Stress electrocardiogram test: This type of ECG is done while the patient is using a treadmill or exercise bike.
  • Resting electrocardiogram test: Carried out while lying down in a comfortable position

So above is the complete description of the general ECG machine and its test, types of tests, and when there will be a need for such a test. Now the main question arises when there is a need to buy an ECG machine. Further, we will discuss where to buy this equipment? What are the major points while picking it? Types of electrocardiogram etc.

Where to Buy ECG Machine Online in Lucknow At Low Price?

Picking the best store to buy medical equipment can be a difficult task because numerous stores and brands where you can buy ecg machine online in lucknow at low price. In Lucknow itself, there is a various number of medical equipment seller. But what you need to remember is that always pick the equipment from the top-class brand like Philips etc.

Why Choose to buy Philips ECG machine online?

In Lucknow, SSB Medicare Pvt Ltd is the only authorized dealer of Philips medical equipment. The reason to pick Philips medical equipment is that Philips is a well-known brand dealing in genuine products with genuine warranty/guarantee and after-sales service. Different ECG models include:


Efficia ECG 100:

  • Can store pdf reports
  • Wireless reporting feature
  • Good storage capacity

Pagewriter TC10:

  • Spontaneous 1-2-3 Touchscreen
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • 5 minutes of the history of all leads

Pagewriter TC20:

  • 6.5″ Colour Touch Screen
  • Internal Storage Up To 200 Patients

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