Buy Syringe Pump and Infusion Pump online in Lucknow

What are syringe pumps?

A syringe pump is a positive-displacement, small pump used to move exact volumes of fluid gradually.
Two main sorts of equipment incorporate infusion pumps and withdrawal pumps.
Infusion pumps are used to administer relatively low volumes of fluids at high and controlled pressures. Withdrawal pumps are utilized to pull back liquid examples automatically. They are generally utilized in pharmaceutical or medical applications. Specifications for the two kinds of syringe pumps incorporate maximum and minimum discharge flow, the number of pumps per assembly, syringe size, maximum and minimum advance rate, reproducible, exactness, weight, and physical dimensions.

  • Infusion rates ranges 0.1 – 99.9 ml/h
  • Up to 3 days battery backup
  • Automatic bolus reduction on pressure alarm
  • Stand by feature, piggyback mode, Spectrum dose rate mode
  • Stackable and built-in locking mechanism
  • Important parameters can be seen on a large display
What are Infusion Pumps?

Infusion Pumps injects liquids, nutrients, or medication into the circulatory system of the patient. infrequently utilized.
Infusion Pumps can manage fluids in manners that would be impractically costly or untrustworthy whenever performed physically by the nursing staff of hospitals. For instance, they can manage 0.1 mL every hour infusions (unreasonably little for a drip), infusions consistently, infusions with rehashed boluses requested by the patient, up to maximum number every hour (patient-controlled analgesia), or varying volume of fluid.

Since they can likewise deliver very high however controlled pressures, they can infuse controlled measures of liquids subcutaneously (underneath the skin), or epidurally (just inside the outside of the focal sensory system –spinal anesthesia for labor).
  • Acoustic and Visual alarms
  • Data Lock feature to block any unauthorized adjustment
  • Air infusion risk is minimized through Air detector feature
  • Free flow(when pump door is opened) prevented through flow clamp

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